What is the Objet 2021?

It is with renewed enthusiasm that the Objet team presents the 29th edition of this unmissable design event showcasing the talent of students from the School of Architecture at Laval University!

With each edition of the Objet, students are invited to create unique objects under a theme that is renewed each year. For the 29th edition, the Objet is in existential crisis. Indeed, the students will have to return to the source under the theme of I think, therefore Objet. These design objects will be on sale at the auction evening taking place at the Musée de la civilisation. The creation of the objects will take place in two stages, either through an ideas competition which will be followed by a period of making the objects. These will then be displayed in the windows of Simons stores for three consecutive weeks before being brought at the Musée de la civilisation, where they can be purchased by the general public during the auction.

This fundraising event, which has become customary for graduates of the professional master’s degree in architecture, is a student initiative that has acquired considerable popularity with the media over the years. It allows student-designers and their partners to gain significant visibility in the field of design and with the general public of Quebec. It also presents itself as a privileged opportunity for students, teachers, professionals from all walks of life and the general public to meet at an evening marking the innovation, creation and know-how of the architects of tomorrow.

This edition will be sponsored by Mr. Bruno Verge, who does not hide his enthusiasm for this unmistakable and distinctive event of the architecture school of Laval University.

It is with excitement that the team of the Objet invites you to a colorful auction evening, the official date of which will be unveiled soon, celebrating Quebec design, and which will perhaps allow you to leave with a unique object of the 2021 brood! Think about it! This is an event not to be missed!


Word from the honorary president

It is a great pleasure to be honorary president of this 2021 edition of the Objet. Especially with a theme that illustrates so well the need for us, architects, to be able to bridge the gap between the intellectual and the practical. The creative process of architecture is often very abstract, long and arduous. It is not uncommon for several years to separate the first phases of a project where ideas emerge and fall into place to bring our creation to fruition. The Objet is there to allow this process to be experienced at high speed and to allow participants to work directly with the materials. This close link between the ideas, the material and the result is highly satisfying and so instructive!

This direct work with materials, from design to completion touches me particularly, because I have lived it personally for over fifteen years, first by renovating a duplex and now building a passive chalet, autonomous in energy. This experience nourishes my practice in an exceptional way, allowing me to experiment, concretely realize and live the concepts of bioclimatic architecture. Likewise, at the school level of architecture, activities like the Objet are therefore essential to awareness of materials, their environmental impacts, their capacities, their characteristics and the creative possibilities they offer.

Congratulations to all the students who have decided to embark on this short and nourishing adventure of the Object 2021. Experiment and have fun with the material!

Bruno Verge

Architecte, BoOn Architecture


Word from the director

In the current context of physical distancing which pushes us away from each other against our will, physical contact and the concrete take on a special color, if not a greater importance than before. Of course, it has been a long time since we have had to take up the double challenge, in architectural training, of uplifting minds through conceptual reflections while keeping our feet firmly anchored in practices of all kinds, in order to both imagine a better world and be able to act on its transformations in a tangible way. The architectural object, at any scale, is clearly a manifestation of this.

It is therefore in a spirit of continuity, but with a new acuity, that the Objet is being renewed this year. The last auction will have shown that the concrete remains an extraordinary catalyst for meaningful relationships with the world and with others; digital simply allows us to expand its reach, one not going without the other

Enthusiastic and talented leaders of this admirable student initiative will be asking you again this year to encourage them to turn a tiny part of their dreams into reality, presaging bigger dreams and greater achievements to come. I warmly invite you to encourage them: there are many ways and whatever they are, they will help, one gesture or one dollar at a time, to maintain the hope of a better world in this period of gloom, by changing it already a little, in a concrete way.

With my anticipated thanks for your support which will certainly be appreciated,



showcase student talent of the School of Architecture

Over the years, the Object has acquired notoriety in the field of design in Quebec, the auction evening being now a must-attend event. Like last year, this 28th edition puts more emphasis on the growth of the event; The Objet 2021 shines the talent of the students of the School of Architecture of Université Laval (ÉAUL) outside its walls. In particular, it is thanks to him that the ExFA can take place each year, the opening of the graduates of the ÉAUL. The initiative aims to raise awareness among the general public not only of architecture, but also of the creativity of future players in the field. The Objet 2021 team wishes this initiative to continue so that the event becomes awaited annually by industry professionals and citizens of Quebec.