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Lot 7

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Winning bid$600.00
Winning bidderSamuel Massicotte
Bid time08:28 pm
Offered byJustine Rioux
Bid increment$10.00

Product Description

Cam – The chameleon lamp
Philosopher at times, Cam wonders about the meaning of her existence.
During the day, facing the wall, no one thinks of her. She forgets herself; she is no more.
At nightfall, she displays her true colors. She lights up, adapts, and reflects the current mood.
With her modular design, Cam displays her intention for a lasting relationship.
Bland and monotonous or wild and dazzling, Cam will exhibit every side of her personality.
Will the current pass between you two?

Function : Ambiance lamp
Materials : Cherry wood, aluminium, plastic
Dimensions : 135 cm (H) x 11 cm (L) x 12,5 cm (W)

Auction History

Auction has finished

The winner of this item is :Samuel Massicotte

Date Bid User Auto
2021-03-26 20:28:27$600.00Samuel Massicotte
2021-03-26 20:06:39$550.00Carole Després
2021-03-26 19:31:18$530.00JacWhite
2021-03-26 19:10:08$500.00Samuel Massicotte
2021-03-26 18:16:01$410.00Carole Després
2021-03-26 17:44:33$400.00Samuel Massicotte
2021-03-26 17:42:51$310.00Daniel Rivard
2021-03-26 17:23:13$300.00Samuel Massicotte
2021-03-26 16:40:36$240.00Camille Bernard
2021-03-26 16:15:02$230.00Marie-Eve Galipeault
2021-03-26 15:20:13$220.00Claudia ferreira
2021-03-26 15:19:35$210.00Alain Rioux
2021-03-26 14:24:50$200.00Claudia ferreira
2021-03-26 14:17:43$190.00Steven Girard
2021-03-26 13:55:40$180.00Claudia ferreira
2021-03-26 13:19:17$170.00Alexandre Morency
2021-03-26 13:03:37$160.00Marie-Eve Galipeault
2021-03-26 12:56:04$150.00Samuel Rivard
2021-03-26 12:39:33$140.00Alexandre Morency
2021-03-26 12:39:18$130.00Nathalie Auto
2021-03-26 12:39:18$120.00Alexandre Morency
2021-03-26 12:34:36$110.00Nathalie
2021-03-26 12:29:58$100.00Alexandre Morency
2021-03-26 12:23:15$90.00Rémi
2021-03-26 12:15:02$80.00Samfaitplaisir
2021-03-26 12:10:39$70.00Nathalie Auto
2021-03-26 12:10:39$60.00Nikita
2021-03-26 12:03:17$50.00Nathalie
2021-03-26 12:00Starting bid is 50$