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Lot 8

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Winning bid$180.00
Winning bidderClaudia ferreira
Bid time08:22 pm
Offered byÉtienne Bourgeois, Rose-Marie Guévin et Vincent Ouellet
Bid increment$10.00

Product Description

Of pine and leather, my constitution is very simple. In fact, I’m as elemental as your mind is overflowing. I am the canvas of possibilities, the support of your wildest ideas. Disassembling and moving with ease, from under your arm to ascending a suddenly adulated landscape, I rush into your madness. Your thoughts are my reason for living. All you have to do is dream and my three legs wiggle with the urge to take a walk. I assure you that our duo is vital. Without me, your genius risks going astray, and without you, I am only the sad support of a remarkable incomplete.

Function : Portable easel
Materials : Wood (pine), brown leather
Dimensions : 180 cm (H) x 50 cm (L) x 50 cm (W)

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The winner of this item is :Claudia ferreira

Date Bid User Auto
2021-03-26 20:22:35$180.00Claudia ferreira
2021-03-26 20:20:27$160.00Bisson associes
2021-03-26 19:19:25$150.00Samuel Massicotte
2021-03-26 19:04:48$140.00Bisson associes
2021-03-26 13:35:50$130.00Claudia ferreira
2021-03-26 13:29:49$120.00Mme Rioux
2021-03-26 13:14:49$100.00Claudia ferreira
2021-03-26 12:58:23$70.00Jean-Michaël
2021-03-26 12:36:02$60.00Mme Rioux
2021-03-26 12:09:11$50.00Nikita
2021-03-26 12:00Starting bid is 50$