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Lot 10

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Winning bid$510.00
Winning bidderIsabelle Pascot
Bid time08:21 pm
Offered byMarc-Antoine Bouchard et Nicholas Harvey
Bid increment$10.00

Product Description

In search of a vocation within spaces that are now predisposed to shrink, this object acts as a catalyst of activities. As a source of gatherings, it allows you to sit, interact or share with others. An object that is compact, versatile and above all, the heart of daily activities. All this been composed by noble and raw materials, ideal in neutral atmospheres. Translated into the form of a table, a bench and a newspaper rack, this object defines our own interpretation of returning to the source.

Function : Side table with bench and newspaper rack
Materials : Wood, concrete and steel
Dimensions : 44,5 cm (H) x 51,3 cm (L) x 103,7 cm (W)

Auction History

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The winner of this item is :Isabelle Pascot

Date Bid User Auto
2021-03-26 20:21:42$510.00Isabelle Pascot
2021-03-26 19:10:44$500.00Samuel Massicotte
2021-03-26 18:12:57$370.00Bougui
2021-03-26 17:52:34$360.00Isabelle
2021-03-26 16:38:05$350.00Samuel Massicotte
2021-03-26 16:25:35$310.00Steven Girard
2021-03-26 16:19:54$300.00Samuel Massicotte
2021-03-26 16:15:34$270.00Marie-Eve Galipeault
2021-03-26 15:19:47$260.00Claudia ferreira
2021-03-26 14:08:32$250.00Mme D
2021-03-26 13:53:56$230.00Claudia ferreira
2021-03-26 13:38:32$220.00Steven Girard
2021-03-26 13:37:44$210.00Isabelle
2021-03-26 13:37:18$200.00Steven Girard Auto
2021-03-26 13:37:18$190.00Isabelle
2021-03-26 13:36:34$180.00Steven Girard
2021-03-26 13:18:06$170.00Sophia
2021-03-26 13:15:20$160.00Claudia ferreira
2021-03-26 13:08:44$150.00Sophia
2021-03-26 13:04:09$140.00Marie-Eve Galipeault
2021-03-26 13:03:32$130.00Sophia
2021-03-26 12:52:31$120.00Mme D
2021-03-26 12:45:06$110.00Sophia
2021-03-26 12:41:37$100.00Marc-André
2021-03-26 12:37:08$90.00Sophia
2021-03-26 12:29:16$80.00Jean-Philippe
2021-03-26 12:26:18$70.00Marc-André
2021-03-26 12:22:06$60.00Simon
2021-03-26 12:04:49$50.00Isabelle
2021-03-26 12:00Starting bid is 50$