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Lot 17

Icosaèdre terrestre
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Winning bid$210.00
Winning bidderMme D
Bid time08:29 pm
Offered byCharles Labranche et Anthonyn Vigneault
Bid increment$10.00

Product Description

I am a line.
I am a triangle.
I am a plan.
I am (not) a curve.
I am (not) a circle.
I am (not) a globe.

I think I am a representation of the Earth and some maps that have lost the north.

I am definitely a Dymaxion map, a projection of a world map onto the surface of an icosahedron. That allows me to be a map or a three-dimensional volume when folded and installed on my wooden support. Night, day, or bare cardboard: I can change my dressing until my next crisis.

For now, I will pretend to be a terrestrial globe.
Sorry, a terrestrial icosahedron.

Function : Interactive decoration
Materials : Plywood, Chipboard, paper, plastic
Dimensions : 33 cm (H) x 25 cm (L) x 23 cm (W)

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The winner of this item is :Mme D

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2021-03-26 20:29:18$210.00Mme D
2021-03-26 20:29:04$200.00Vireo
2021-03-26 20:24:07$190.00Mme D
2021-03-26 20:20:24$180.00Vireo
2021-03-26 20:17:14$170.00Mme D
2021-03-26 20:12:05$160.00Vireo
2021-03-26 15:23:51$150.00Mme D
2021-03-26 14:05:41$130.00Mme Chanou
2021-03-26 13:27:13$120.00Mme D
2021-03-26 13:11:04$100.00Emerick Duquette
2021-03-26 12:59:25$90.00Mme D
2021-03-26 12:54:08$80.00Iris Pison
2021-03-26 12:52:11$70.00Mme D
2021-03-26 12:52:11$60.00M. Charles Auto
2021-03-26 12:48:33$50.00M. Charles
2021-03-26 12:00Starting bid is 50$