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Lot 25

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Winning bid$300.00
Winning bidderBernard Martineau
Bid time08:26 pm
Offered byJean-François Létourneau
Bid increment$10.00

Product Description

Going back to basics may simply be recognizing the importance of something we take for granted. In 1497, the navigator Vasco de Gama set out in search of a new route to India to bring back a priceless spice: pepper. It was almost a year later that he and his decimated crew returned to Portugal loaded with the precious spice. Moulu is a pepper mill designed to honor this central element of our kitchen.

Function : Pepper mill
Materials : Cherry wood
Dimensions : 30 cm (H) x 7 cm (L) x 7 cm (W)

Auction History

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The winner of this item is :Bernard Martineau

Date Bid User Auto
2021-03-26 20:26:12$300.00Bernard Martineau
2021-03-26 17:36:55$290.00Atelier Mock/up
2021-03-26 14:44:27$280.00Bernard Martineau
2021-03-26 13:18:14$270.00Lady gagueur
2021-03-26 13:16:06$260.00Stéphanie Arseneault
2021-03-26 13:15:15$250.00Déric Gilbert-Baril
2021-03-26 13:13:56$220.00Stéphanie Arseneault
2021-03-26 13:13:00$210.00Déric Gilbert-Baril
2021-03-26 13:11:34$200.00Stéphanie Arseneault
2021-03-26 13:10:34$190.00Déric Gilbert-Baril
2021-03-26 13:10:25$180.00Stéphanie Arseneault
2021-03-26 13:09:08$170.00Stéphanie Arseneault
2021-03-26 13:08:38$160.00Déric Gilbert-Baril
2021-03-26 13:08:22$150.00Stéphanie Arseneault
2021-03-26 13:06:39$140.00Déric Gilbert-Baril
2021-03-26 13:06:08$130.00Lady gagueur
2021-03-26 13:00:17$120.00Déric Gilbert-Baril
2021-03-26 12:57:51$110.00Lady gagueur
2021-03-26 12:56:36$100.00Samuel Rivard
2021-03-26 12:54:35$90.00Stéphanie Arseneault
2021-03-26 12:49:36$80.00Veronique Barras-Fugere
2021-03-26 12:42:16$70.00Samuel Paré
2021-03-26 12:41:54$60.00Samuel Rivard
2021-03-26 12:39:29$50.00adrilaro
2021-03-26 12:00Starting bid is 50$